Winter Issue

2016 was a very strange and tumultuous year on planet Earth. With only exams and deadlines as a prospect for the coming days and weeks, at this point, 2017 doesn’t appear to be going much better. On top of this, on January 20th, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United (or rather, Divided) States of America. Lotte de Bitter explains the behind-the-scenes proceedings of this highly anticipated (and dreaded) day.

Another day closely connected to the presidency, and one with a much more obscure history, is also just around the corner. President’s day will perhaps generate more ambivalent feelings than in past years, but thanks to Pien van den Heuvel’s article, confusion about its origin won’t be among them.

While the current political situation in the U.S.A. is troubling and chaotic, to say the least, other, more stable, aspects of American culture provide some much-needed distraction. The Super Bowl is approaching, a day of madness and spectacle unrivaled in the world of sports. To an outsider this football game, which lasts for hours and does not resemble the game we know as football, might be difficult to comprehend. Robin Stafleu’s crash course will make sure that on February 5th, you will know enough about it to cheer as enthusiastically as millions of Americans do every year.

Until then, exams, deadlines and cold winter days will do their best to bring you down. Luckily, the MasterchefCo has got you covered.  Take a break from studying and TREAT YO SELF with one of three (!) delicious recipes, all of which contain chocolate.




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Winter Issue