Winter Issue 2019-2020

“The way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”

Most of us probably don’t agree with Mark Twain on this, but one thing is certain: health is valuable. That is why this Issue will explore the different sides of health through diverse topics and subjects. This Issue’s Issue explains how social developments influence the general health of people, and why it is so important to be aware of this consequence. Femke dove into the world of the Vaccine Hesitancy Movement, so we will all finally find out what people who are against vaccinations are thinking. Kimberley shares her love for spoken word poet Blythe Baird, who struggles with mental illness and isn’t shy to write about this fight.

For those of you who haven’t seen the Joker movie, don’t worry: there will be no spoilers, but there will be a critical look on the depiction of mental health. Another person who has been critical is Nick, who writes about the past and future of activism. So get your banner ready, and maybe use it to support Wouter through his journey to the 80’s. He looked into the Aids epidemic, and tells us all about the relevance of that period today. Pip explains how medicine can be biased, and the risks that come with this bias. The physical health of politicians running for Presidency is not always taken for granted, and Stan will show why. Luc explains the concept of a Vote Rating System, and how it might change the outcome of the elections. Also, Marissa gives us a look into the everyday life in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she spent the last five months. Rindert dove into the politics of a healthy nation, and elaborates on the possibility for a state to secede from the Union. Finally, Roxanne helps us get through the cold winter days with her recipe for a heartwarming creamy spinach pasta.


Rindert Oost

Denise Roodbeen