Winter Issue, 2018

Change. It is the only thing that is constant. While this might sound contradictory, it actually makes sense when you look at the world. Change is happening all around us, just consider that 2018 is almost coming to an end and 2019 is waiting around the corner. Our very own Sander Nederveen experienced quite a big change in his life this year and in this Issue he tells us how it changed him.

The political climate in the United States has also changed and the midterm elections are a prime example of this. As in the last Issue, Tristan Vlerick discusses the midterms, this time explaining the aftermath and its implications for the future of the Trump Administration.

Not only the political climate is changing in the United States, just like the rest of the world the U.S. is already experiencing the drastic effects of climate change. California was recently struck by its deadliest wildfire ever after a long period of drought. Rindert Oost talks us through this tragedy.

The MeToo movement has had some lasting impacts on the TV and movie world. Ina Holzapfel discusses the resulting changes that took place in and around House of Cards’ sixth and final season (without giving away any spoilers).

Depending on the situation, change can be good, bad, a bit of both or neither. But there is one thing I think we could all agree on as we approach the last classes before the winter break; in the immortal words of Smash Mouth: “we could all use a little change!”