Winter Issue 2015

Ah, December. While we stuff ourselves with delicious food and drinks, and shower each other with gifts, we await the start of spring. Kinda sucks we have to deal with January first, which is basically the Friday morning of months. And exams. The horror. Good thing we have some tips that’ll help you survive all of it and get a good start in the new year.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – it’s time for out first real break of the year! If you’re suffering from the SLOFT-syn-drome (Severe Lack Of Free Time) and don’t know what you’re supposed to do with all this freedom, make sure to read some of the movie tips on page 7 or start watching Quantico after reading F(r)amed on page 10. Who doesn’t enjoy some serial binging after a semester of hard work?

Winter is also a period of hellos and goodbyes. Some of our fellow Americanists are returning home after a semester abroad, while others are leaving Nijmegen. We got hold of professor Erika Schneider before her return to Framingham State University and asked her some questions (page 16), and Loes shares her experiences living with a roommate on page 6. If you’re among the people who just sent out their application for a semester abroad, make sure to check out our overview of the presidential candidates. You might just run into one of their campaign teams.

Happy Holidays and enjoy reading this Issue!

Timo Nijssen
Editor in Chief


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