The Issue Fall 2017

It’s autumn, which is also known as fall, and for a good reason; leaves, temperatures, rain (maybe even a bit of snow), the Trump administration, they’re all falling down. Looking back at the last 10 months, it seems impossible that Trump is still in office (on his non-golfing days anyway). Although many cabinet members and White House officials have been let go, the administration as a whole is still standing for now. If you ever wondered which of the remaining cabinet members is the most like you, wonder no more! Pip van der Zanden’s quiz determines once and for all which of Donnie’s “best people” you are.

In dark days like these, it’s tempting to look back with nostalgia at the relative stability and competence of previous administrations. However, 45 is not the first morally bankrupt president. Indeed, Trump’s own favorite former president, Andrew Jackson, left behind a legacy that can be called questionable, to say the least. Vincent Veerbeek takes a look at the actions of the 7th president and discusses why Trump would want to identify himself with such a controversial figure. One of the main(e) articles is about The Pine Tree State in New England. Our foreign correspondent
and former Editor-in-Chief Loïs Machelessen explains what’s so great about
this state.