The Interview Issue (Fall 2015)

Crazy politicians? Check. A literal teacher’s pet? Check. The most accurate horoscope in the world? Check. Read the Fall Issue now!

A lot has happened since the last Issue. But one person has managed to grip the American media like no other: Donald J. Trump. Now this isn’t the first time there have been some, well, colorful personalities in the race to the White House – remember Sarah Palin back in ‘08? Her foreign policy expertise was based on her being able to see Russia from her house. But there seems to be an entire tradition of unconventional candidates, as you can read on page 16. Or just take the escalator down to page 12 and learn more about The Donald.

Politics aside (we’ll be writing about the Road to 2016 a lot in coming Issues), there have been some pressing matters here in the Netherlands as well. The refugee crisis keeps getting worse and worse, and no one seems to have a solution. Nijmegen is doing its part by hosting the largest refugee camp in the country in Heumensoord, just south of our campus. Eventually, it’ll house three thousand people, but that doesn’t happen without a hitch. It’s easy to think of these people as a faceless crowd, but once you look closer, you realize they all have their own stories and personalities. Ibrahim Alaoui went to Heumensoord and spoke some of them (page 4).

We’ve interviewed a lot of people for the first Issue of the year. Alumna Marieke van Eijk discusses her experiences in the job market (page 7), Shaemless talks about their newfound fame (page 20), and turn to page 10 to find out why there are cat hairs on your History & Politics essays.

The Issue has had some me-time as well: we’ve retouched our appearance a bit to mask the fact we’ve gained weight – four extra pages for your reading pleasure. If you want to help us fill them, or if you have any feedback (positive or negative), make sure to contact us.


Timo Nijssen