Summer Issue

Quite a number of you, me included, are getting ready for a semester in the US or Canada. This whole preparation process can be quite stressful and overwhelming. Luckily, USA Nijmegen has a lot of members, including some of our writers, who have already been abroad and lived to tell the tale. Linda van Rooij shares some of the more practical matters that are important to keep in mind for those of you who will spend a semester on the other side of the Atlantic next year.


Speaking of going to the US. While you are there, why not take a road trip! Sure, you learn a lot about American politics, history and culture from your classes at Radboud and a semester abroad will surely give you a brand-new perspective, but if you really want to explore America, its tumultuous cities, small towns and grandiose nature, a road trip is the way to go. This Issue presents five different road trips that will make you experience the US in a whole new way.


Like in previous editions of The ISSUE, Robin Stafleu has written about a classic American sport. This time he deals with lacrosse, a sport that originated with the Iroquois people and has been gaining international popularity recently.


While lacrosse has become more and more popular, other aspects of Native American cultures have kept on disappearing even in recent years, most importantly, Native languages. Vincent Veerbeek writes about the extinction of Native languages and what steps are being taken to preserve them.


One final time, this year’s MasterchefCo has graced us with a recipe for a delicious, yet easy to prepare a meal.  Spoiler alert, it includes a recipe for mimosas. And just imagine how much cooler they’ll be in summer.




Loïs Machelessen