Summer Issue 2019

Travel. A lot of you probably have the USA study trip to San Francisco fresh in your memories (for a trip down memory lane, turn to pages 12 and 13). There are also many of you who are preparing for a semester in the U.S. next year. Ask anyone who went on exchange and they will tell you what an amazing experience it was. Many of them will also tell you that the best way to make the most of this opportunity is to travel and explore the country. Loïs and Tessa share the story of how they rented a van and took a road trip along the West Coast.

There are many forms of public transport available for traveling in the U.S. as an alternative to renting a car or van. One of the most iconic of these transport options is the Greyhound bus. Bavo delves into the history, the myths, the pros and the cons of this quintessentially American means of travel.

Traveling can be an amazing experience but large-scale tourism can have devastating effects on the environment. Tessa explains what ecotourism is all about and why you might want to take a train instead of a plane to your next destination.

As usual, Victoria tells us in her horoscope what the stars have in store for us this summer, but what if you cannot see the stars? Then it might be time to check out a dark sky reserve: places specifically designed to have as little artificial lighting as possible for maximum enjoyment of the night sky.

Good luck on your finals and enjoy,

Ibrahim Alaoui
Loïs Machelessen