Summer Issue 2016

Dutch summers. Perhaps the most unreliable thing in the world. Will it be sunny? Or will it be cold and rainy for weeks? Some of us won’t have time to enjoy the summer anyway, with thesis deadlines looming and stays abroad to prepare for. We interviewed Robin Driessen to check how her research on Barbies is going, and Linda van Rooij tells us about the wonders of an exchange with the ISEP program – and the bureaucracy that comes with it. If only there’d be a well-oiled International Office to help you out. Alumnus Linda Huskes talks about how she realized that things could be organized better and set up her own International Office in Tilburg.

Perhaps a rainy summer wouldn’t be so terrible. There’s plenty of elections to look into (not just presidential), and you can catch up with John Oliver’s very British critique of the United States. But then you wouldn’t get to enjoy a nice barbeque. Isabelle Kooreman tells us why she thinks you should eat less meat anyway, and gives a recipe for an easy vegetarian pasta to boot.

Enjoy your summer!

Timo Nijssen




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