Spring Issue

Chaos. This is perhaps the only word that can accurately describe the state of the union. Luckily, Issue writers have once again tried their best to make sense of the political turmoil that has plagued the US during the first 100 days of the Trump presidency. One the administration’s most controversial actions, the immigration ban has also been one of the vaguest. Ralf Corsten’s article deals with the details and fallout of Trump’s two executive orders that had a major impact on immigration.

However, because of the constant supply of scandals and absurd news, other important stories are not covered as much as they should be. Vincent Veerbeek writes about the background of the Dakota Access Pipeline construction, the protests against it, and what will happen to it now that Trump is president.

All this bad news would make anyone scared for the future, but executive orders and oil spills are not the only things threatening humanity. In her review of the new HBO series Westworld, Pien van den Heuvel, describes the show’s dystopian future setting, which includes robots approaching sentience, as more and more likely to happen.

If you are completely fed up with the unending avalanche of controversy and chaos in Washington, why not watch a relaxing baseball game? Robin Stafleu’s explanation is all you need to catch on. But before you start watching the game, take some time to prepare the MasterchefCo’s new recipe: Sloppy Joe, sweet potato fries, and a banana milkshake. Watching sports is always better with comfort food.



Loïs Machelessen,