Spring Issue 2020

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”

This quote makes me wonder how disturbed I actually am, because boy do I love art! Lucky for me, the rest of the Issue’s writers shares this love, and so we have dedicated this Issue to all things that make life more beautiful (or weird).

You may not always be aware of it, but art is everywhere. Stan J. shows us how the presidential candidates use their creativity to promote their campaigns. Another person who uses their creativity to make money, is the former designer for Apple Jony Ivy. After having rediscovered your iPhone or MacBook, Femke will make us question our reality, by discussing the art of deception.

Marissa is going to take us on a tour through her favorite museum: the MET, and will hopefully inspire you to visit it someday! After leaving this museum, your mind will be filled with images of tattoos and graffiti. But don’t worry! Denise and Nick are going to share some wisdom on the history of these unusual art forms.

As we share our love for art, Pip shows us with a lovely quiz how confusing the art world actually can be. Wouter has discovered some interesting facts about performance art, which will make for a good read during this boring time. We hope to leave you with some newfound inspiration.



Denise Roodbeen

Luc de Klerk