Spring Issue 2016

Finally, winter is over and spring is coming. The time of new beginnings! Across the pond, elections are heating up and it seems more and more likely that either Trump will Make America Great Again with a Great Wall, or that we will have to get used to a White House with two presidents in it. Once a president, always a president of course. Although I think Bill should just go with First Hubby of the United States. Or will the US get a socialist president after all? Ibrahim dove into the Democratic primaries on page 4, and Vincent gives an overview (page 6) of all the fun to come until the inauguration in January. I wonder what the party nominations will be!

Those of us going abroad next year have also gotten their nominations by now – nominations of a different kind, that is. Personally, I get kinda freaked out when I look at all the stuff I still have to do for my application. But hey, this Issue has no less than three stories to prove that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel of forms and statements. Pretty reassuring.

You now what else was reassuring? The StudentNASA day in February. There is life after American Studies after all! We continue our series on this subject with an interview with Albertine Bloemendal, one of the alumni that spoke during the event. She shows that life after university can just be as varied as life before graduation.

Enjoy this Issue!

Timo Nijssen

Editor in Chief



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