Spring Issue 2018

It’s Spring! The bitter coldness of February has (hopefully) subsided and this means beautiful flowers start blooming again. Have you ever wondered which flower you’d be? Wouter Peer’s horoscope at the end of this Issue settles this once and for all.

Two months ago, spaceflight company Space X launched a car in the direction of Mars. Although this could be a great starting point for a sequel to the movie Dude, Where Is My Car?, the consequences of this successful launch could be (even more) far-reaching for the future of our species.

February was Black History Month in the United States. Loïs Machelessen takes a look at how this month came to be and explains why it’s still very much necessary.

Politically, the U.S. seems to be in a constant state of chaos. One of the most pressing issues of the last few months is the future of DACA and the fate of many young people hangs in the balance. Rindert Oost sheds some light on the situation.

This year is, as I hope all of you know by now, a ‘Lustrumjaar’ for USA Nijmegen. Therefore, the next Issue will be a special edition which we here at The Issue are looking forward to greatly. But until then good luck on your exams and essays!