Lustrum Issue 2018

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Lustrum week is (almost) here! Although we’ve been enjoying all the wonderful events that were organized by the Lustrum Committee for months now, the party’s just beginning. This special year doesn’t just deserve its own week, but of course also its very own Issue. So instead of focusing on the United States of America, this Issue is focused on USA Nijmegen.


All of us American Studies students are (hopefully) at least somewhat knowledgeable about US history, most likely because of the valiant efforts of Jorrit van der Berk. But what about USA Nijmegen’s history?  Because of some real investigative journalism by Rindert Oost and Wouter Peer, this Issue can finally reveal all that you’ve ever wanted to know about USA’s illusive past.


Spoiler Alert: did you know that three different occasions can be considered the founding of USA Nijmegen? Rindert and I take you back to each of these years, 1989, 2000 and 2005 with a review of one of the respective year’s must-watch movies.


The section Foreign Affairs is also special this time, a combination of the rubrics Foreign Affairs and Life after American Studies. Vincent Veerbeek chatted with former Chairwoman Iris van Dorp who works for Education First in Boston Massachusetts.


This Issue finally takes a long needed break from the American political chaos. Instead we focus on USA Nijmegen politics. To complete the trip down memory lane, a few previous board members  have sent in special Word of the Boards. The ‘Wissel-alv’ is a sign that the reign of the XVth Board is sadly nearing its end. For now however, let’s celebrate Ina, RIndert en Marissa just a little while longer. And what better way to do this than by taking Pip van der Zanden’s quiz “Which USA board member are you?”


Last but not least, former chairman of USA Nijmegen Chairman and Editor-in Chief of The Issue Timo Nijssen made headlines recently by becoming the youngest ever recipient of the “CBS Talentegel” prize for an article he wrote for the Volkskrant. The Issue (and USA Nijmegen) is of course very proud. Congratulations Timo!


Summer is near and it might seem as if the final exam week is just around the corner. But there’s a right time for everything. And this Lustrum week is first and foremost a time of celebration. So close your laptop for the night and join the party. Bring your good times, and your laughter too.