Fall Issue 2020

The times we live in are some very crazy and chaotic ones. The pandemic has caused some very chaotic situations. The elections were probably also one of the most chaotic ever. Therefore this edition of the Issue will be a very chaotic one. As American Studies students we know that the political landscape can look very chaotic. Lea will take a closer look at the chaos of the political pendulum. Part of this pendulum are Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Simon is going to shine his light on the very chaotic debate between the two.

During this debate, the Proud Boys were mentioned. Luc will try to explain who exactly these people are. The group is known to appear at various protests. Maaike tells us more about protests during the pandemic. Those chaotic protests are sometimes ignited by very confusing conspiracy theories. Fortunately, we have Femke to tell us about one of the most prominent conspiracies right now, QAnon.

Apart from all these issues in our chaotic world, we would also like to provide you with some forms of distraction. Hopefully, Youri’s short story and Nick’s tips about dealing with the current situation will help with that. Perhaps you could watch one of the two movies that Esmée discusses, or give her recipe for smoky mushroom and sweet potato soup a try!

Enjoy the read and stay safe! Luc de Klerk