Fall Issue 2018

We’re back! While the members of USA Nijmegen are studying hard to prepare for their midterms, citizens in the USA are preparing for an even more important event: the Midterm Elections. Master’s student Tristan Vlerick takes us through the projections of these elections and their implications for the future of the United States.


Another major event with a big impact on the next generation is the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice. Just like 2 years ago, another privileged white man with multiple credible accusations of sexual assault against him is put into one of the most powerful positions in the country. Rindert Oost describes the chaos that preceded his confirmation.


Not only the future of the United States is under discussion, cutbacks and increasing pressure on professors and students have led to protests on the Radboud campus. Victoria Kunaseelan was present at the protest on September 24th and reports on the ‘Changing Perspective’ movement’s efforts to bring these problems into the spotlight.


Protest and free speech are important aspects of any modern democracy, but do they sometimes oppose each other? Nick de Lange and Julia Vosmeijer discuss the controversy around conservative speakers on college campuses and the protests they encounter.


The future may not always look very bright. But don’t forget the delightful quote by Beauty and the Beast’s Lumière: “If you’re stressed, it’s fine dining we suggest”. Maud Beljon has got your back if you’re looking for an exam week snack. It’s corn dogs! So take out your frying pan and have a try at this American classic.