Fall Issue 2016

Fall. Normally the name of this season is associated with leaves that fall from the trees. This year, however, it could also allude to the possible end of the United States as we know it if Donald Trump is elected president. When you’re reading this, the indescribable madness of the 2016 elections will have (hopefully) come to an end. No matter what the outcome, it will have lasting effects on the American political system. However, some things haven’t changed. Bernie Sanders’ admirable run has inspired many, but he failed to make it to the White House. Third-party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson were even less successful. Pien van den Heuvel explains why candidates outside of the Republican and Democratic Party don’t stand a chance in national elections.

Fall is also the time of Starbucks lovers drinking pumpkin spice lattes. If you’re heartbroken now the days are getting colder, and you want an alternative to Taylor Swift’s RED album to soothe your broken heart, give Cale Tyson’s Careless Soul a listen. Sem Verrijt explains why this country album will ease your sorrows.

While nature has been preparing for winter, university life shows no signs of slowing down. Hibernating through the next few months is not an option for most of us, which means we will have to eat even more if we want to survive until spring. Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away so until then you might want to try the recipe by the newly formed MasterchefCo and see for yourself how you would do as a contestant on Masterchef Australia.




Loïs Machelessen


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