USA Nijmegen is run by a board consisting of the following three people:


> Rense Steijns – Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Rense Steijns and I am the chair of the XVIIIth board of USA Nijmegen. I am currently a second-year student of American Studies at Radboud University and I am really enjoying it so far! Being born and raised right here in Nijmegen, I am absolutely loving studying and organizing events here as well! I also love hanging out with my friends, listening to music and watching some Netflix.
As chair of USA Nijmegen this academic year, I am ultimately responsible for what goes on in the association. This means being up to speed on what is going on and aiding my fellow board members in their tasks. The current situation will prove to be a challenge, but I am confident we will still make a fun year of it together! I hope to see you around this year, good luck with your studies and stay safe!

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> Stan Janssen – Secretary

Hey everyone! My name is Stan Janssen and I am the Secretary of USA Nijmegen! I’m in the second year of my bachelor American Studies and I still enjoy every second of it! Even though I was born in beautiful Uden, Nijmegen took my heart the minute I arrived here and I even moved here last summer. When I’m not studying, I love to listen to albums on my record player (and talk about music for hours and hours), watch soccer, have a fun night with great friends, watching a ton of movies, and I even manage to squeeze in some fitness somewhere as well.

Being the Secretary of the XVIIIth Board, I will be sending you tons and tons of e-mails, invites to all the awesome events we have to offer, posting pictures on our Instagram and Facebook, and in general typing a lot! All to keep you and our members up-to-date with everything that happens in our association. In short, you will hear a ton of me this year, but be sure to ask me anything you want to know – be it personal, regarding my function, or related to our amazing association! For now, I want to say: thank you for being a member, and I hope to see y’all soon. Bye!




> Lin Acampo – Treasurer

Hey everybody! My name is Lin Acampo and I’ll be your treasurer for this academic year. I’m a second-year American Studies student. I’m from the Sunny South a.k.a. Limburg but most of you had already guessed that if you’ve ever heard me speak. After subletting a room for half a year I’d finally found a permanent room in Nijmegen, unfortunately, this was at the start of COVID so I haven’t been living there for long. Luckily I have made a lot of awesome friends during my first year who I can spend a lot of time with. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my alone time. You can always tempt me with spending the whole day on the couch and watching everything Netflix has to offer.

As the treasurer of USA Nijmegen, I am responsible for the money that goes out of and comes into the association. I try to think of the best way to spend the money we have and where we will be getting that money from. For some activities of USA Nijmegen, there will be an entry fee and when you forget to pay within the deadline I’ll be the one sending you ”Tikkies” and reminding you until you pay. Now after all of that, I hope you’re still looking forward to this year because I sure am! See you around!

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or remarks!