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We are currently experiencing some complex issues regarding our Domain Name. These have prevented us from receiving emails addressed towards Until this is fixed, we would like to ask you to use whenever you like to contact us. If you have sent us an email in the previous weeks and have not received any answer, please send it again to the above-mentioned address. We are trying to solve this problem as quickly as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks in advance.

About USA Nijmegen

USA Nijmegen is the study association for American Studies in Nijmegen.

The XVIIIth Board

USA Nijmegen is headed by a board consisting of three people: a Chairman, Secretary, and a Treasurer. Read on to learn who we are and for our direct contact information!

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USA Nijmegen has nine committees: the Activities Committee, Party Committee, Cooking Committee, US Travel Committee, PR Committee, Orientation Committee, Study Committee, Student-for-a-Day Committee, and the Finance Committee.

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Are you an American Studies student in Nijmegen? Or do you have a big interest in the United States and would you like to learn more about it? Then you should definitely join USA Nijmegen, the American Studies Association at Radboud University.

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Current members can find the latest news events on our Facebook page. You can also join our Facebook group to stay in touch. Not active on Facebook? Let us know and you will receive additional information per e-mail.

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